The 3 Big Shifts

Shifts in Trust, Power & Identity are happening all around us

Consumerism has been changing in front of our eyes. Global megatrends, such as rapid urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity, shifts in global economic power, technological breakthroughs & demographic and social change, have been altering the consumer landscape. New attitudes towards trust, power and our own identity are changing the Brand-Consumer relationship, and are potentially irreversible.

In this topic, we offer an understanding & insights into the systemic shifts occurring in Trust, Power & Identity -

  • What exactly are these shifts?
  • What's driving them?
  • How are they manifesting in the consumer mindset?
  • What does this mean for the Brand-Consumer relationship?
  • What are today's consumers looking for from you?

Any change brings with it new challenges. But change also brings with it new possibilities These shifts offer the opportunity to become and invaluable partner with your consumer - and meet their needs more than ever before. It's something no food & nutrition company can afford to ignore.

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  THE 3 BIG SHIFTS reinventing consumerism
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Your Instructor

Johanna Tanhuanpää
Johanna Tanhuanpää

Johanna is Invenire's most effective analytical digger. She's an expert in translating deep and complex issues into easy-to-understand insights. With a deep understanding of sustainable food systems, Johanna works on both public and client projects at Invenire. Johanna's passionate about creating a great food future through applying logic & understanding, and activating food citizenship.

She's especially enthusiastic about anything related to #food, #sustainability, #protein. And #horses.

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