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Edible insects came on to our radar in 2015. We saw them as a potentially viable & sustainable future protein source, and sought to know more. We started by working with 4Ento and created a market report study into the potential opportunities with edible insects.

We then had the opportunity to work on several publicly-funded projects to explore how an edible insects market could be built. Within the Business Finland [Tekes] Finnish Ento-Business Ecosystem FEBE project, we developed a business roadmap for creating an ecosystem for insects. The project involved bringing together & gaining insights from various industry indiviuals and organisations. Part of the outputs of the project were a range of Industry Forces reports and Key Trend briefs. Further, together with Luke, the Finnish Natural Resources Institute, and Pikes, the Pielinen Karelia Development Center, we explored the potential consumer uptake for insects, and developed a Model of Diffusion on the back of in-depth consumer research and profiling.

Our work on insects ran from 2015 - 2017. Several years have passed since then & the market is yet to commercialise. We still believe edible insects hold great potential as a sustainable protein source to feed our growing population. And great business opportunity potential.

Insights for you

We've made many reports and outputs of our projects available here, as a way to contribute to realising the potential of insects. We hope the provide useful insights and new ways of thinking that aid your journey in the edible insects market!

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From our work, we know edible insects well. We can help if you're looking to realise the potential of insects, so please get in touch!

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