Circular Economy

What does a Circular Economy look like?

Circularity and circular economy are buzzwords that few of us have escaped during the past few years. But how well do you know the core idea of circularity? Do you know why circularity makes so much sense?

The formula for circular economy is that everything new that goes into the system is designed and made as smart as possible to enable retaining and refining value later on and everything that is already within the system stays there as long as possible, creating more and more value.

This topic will build up your understanding on -

  • What the core idea of circular economy is
  • What the difference between linear and circular systems is
  • What some of the ways you can create business from circularity are

Apart from the obvious opportunities to gain efficiencies and cost savings, circular economy also provides new business opportunities. Circularity also lies at the heart of future-fit thriving food systems.

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  What is "Circularity"?
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  Circular Business Models
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Your Instructor

Johanna Tanhuanpää
Johanna Tanhuanpää

Johanna is Invenire's most effective analytical digger. She's an expert in translating deep and complex issues into easy-to-understand insights. With a deep understanding of sustainable food systems, Johanna works on both public and client projects at Invenire. Johanna's passionate about creating a great food future through applying logic & understanding, and activating food citizenship.

She's especially enthusiastic about anything related to #food, #sustainability, #protein. And #horses.

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