What does it mean to build better food businesses in bumpy times? What can you and I do to create resilience for our food businesses today and for the future? Joining us here at Shout around is a step of action. You enter a space that provides innovative thinking, insights, tools and resources needed to make things happen. What we’ve learned through the years, we will share with you. Welcome to leap forward into a vibrant, prosperous and thriving food future!

Is regeneration merely the "next sustainability" in business?

This is one of the first questions I faced when I started looking into regenerative business early this year. Our director Patricia had been working with regenerative agriculture for some time. She threw me the question back in January this year - "what does regenerative business look like?" I...


How can you facilitate Win-Win-Win decision making?

When I was little, I used to lay on the grass and watch the clouds pass, dreaming of what the world will look like when I'm an adult. My dreams always had a common thread - a happy world where we live well, and enjoy all the great things in this world. A child's normal dream perhaps....but...


Why market intelligence clarifies the business success path ahead

When we partner with clients to make their ideas happen, we use an established process within our team. It's something we've been using for over a decade, and refined over time. We use it because it's proven to work, again & again & again. It's grounded in design thinking and relevant to...


How nutrition companies can benefit from circular economy solutions

At the core, a circular economy is about utilising existing materials as much as possible, in place of new virgin materials. It’s about retaining, recirculating and recreating value within the system. The more we utilise existing materials, the less we need to manufacture or harvest new...


Why circular economy matters in the nutrition industry

Circular economy is a hot buzzword right now - and for good reason. It’s essential we reduce the impact of consumption. But circular economies are not just industry-level initiatives. Nor are they just another sustainability box for companies to tick. Circular economy solutions are an opportunity...