Let's co-create thriving future food systems!

What does it mean to build better food businesses in bumpy times? What can you and I do to create resilience for our food businesses today and for the future? Joining us here at Shout around is a step of action. You enter a space that provides innovative thinking, insights, tools and resources needed to make things happen. What we’ve learned through the years, we will share with you. Welcome to leap forward into a vibrant, prosperous and thriving food future!


Shout a Round is a place for future food creators (like you!) to gain new understanding & skills in order to actualise positive change. We've been working with these topics for years at Invenire. Our goal is to share with you what we've learnt through structured, tangible courses to help accelerate your journey as a future food creator!

Our online courses are designed to -

- Build up your understanding & insights into the topics

- Provide tangible, structured frameworks to apply in your work

- Give you tools to start planning for action

- Stimulate further insights & new ways of thinking


We also offer Team pricing for courses, and customised online Workshops & Talks. Get in touch with us at [email protected]!